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Louis Hoffman, PhD, is an Executive Faculty member at Saybrook University in San Francisco, California. He is also an author and active presenter at professional conferences. Dr. Hoffman serves on the editorial boards of The Journal of Humanistic Psychology and PsycCRITIQUES: APA Review of Books. He also travels regularly to China to participate in dialogues and offer trainings about existential psychology and the psychology of religion.


Books by Louis Hoffman, PhD

Existential Psychology East-West
by Louis Hoffman, Mark Yang, Francis Kaklauskas, & Albert Chan

Louis Hoffman's fourth book, Existential Psychology East-West, contains a number of chapters by leading Eastern and Western scholars on Existential Psychology. Additionally, it contains a throrough overview of the existential psychology written by Dr. Hoffman.

God Image Handbook for Spiritual Counseling and Psychotherapy: Research, Theory, & Practice

Louis Hoffman, PhD co-edited this book with Glendon Moriarty, PsyD. Dr. Hoffman also contributed two chapters to this book: Chapter 6: "Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy and God Image" and Chapter 13: "Diversity Issues and the God Image" with Sandra K. Knight, PhD, Scott Boscoe-Huffman, MA, and Sharon Stewart, MA.

Brilliant Sanity:
Buddist Approaches to Psychotherapy

Louis Hoffman, PhD, was a co-editor of Brilliant Sanity and contributed Chapter 2, An Existential Framework for Buddhism, World Religions, and Psychotherapy: Culture and Diversity Considerations.

Toward a Christian Clinical Psychology:
The Contributions of H. Newton Malony

Toward a Christain Clinical Psychology is a tribute to the contributions of Dr. Louis Hoffman's grauate school mentor, H. Netwon Malony.

Spirituality & Psychological Health

Louis Hoffman, PhD, was a co-editor of Spirituality and Psychological Health. The book can be purchased through Amazon.com He also contributed to 3 chapters, including Training Issues in Spirituality and Psychotherapy: A Foundational Approach with Richard H. Cox, Betty Ervin-Cox, & Mike Mitchell, A Developmental Perspective on the God Image, and Selected Literature Review on Spirituality and Health/Mental Health with Betty Ervin-Cox and Christopher S. M. Grimes.

Web Site Development

Listed below are several web sites which I've developed or assisted in developing and/or maintaining. Please click here for more information on psychology and the internet.

Teaching Web Site (www.louis-hoffman-virtualclassroom.com)

This web site was originally developed to provide resources for students in classes I was teaching. Over time, this it has evolved to become a web site with a variety of resources for psychology students and professionals. It includes may pages of content specific links, bibliographies, and psychology movie suggestions. Additionally, it includes a large section on writing resources for psychology students and professionals.

Existential Therapy Web Site (www.existential-therapy.com)

I've specialized in existential integrative approaches to therapy for many years now. This approach to therapy is greatly misunderstood. Additionally, interest in existential approaches has been decreasing over the past several years. Despite this, I've consistently found great interest when teaching courses on existential therapy. This site was developed in order to help promote existential therapy and clarify information about the theory and practice of existential psychotherapy.

Depth Psychotherapy Network (www.depth-psychotherapy-network.com)

This web site is a collaborate development. In recent times, many of the depth psychotherapies came under attack by some rather uninformed therapists and individuals in the general public. Additionally, the choice to choose the therapy which best fit the values and needs of the client was being taken out of the hands of consumers and therapists. This web site was developed to educate consumers, students, and professionals about the various depth psychotherapies, including Jungian, Psychodynamic, Existential, Humanistic, and Transpersonal, among others. The past couple of years, especially 2005, have demonstrated an increased openness to multiple perspectives, including depth psychotherapy. However, this web site still serves an important purpose in educating people about the various depth psychotherapy practices.

Postmodern Psychology (www.postmodernpsychology.com)

Psychology was one of the last disciplines in academia to move in the direction of postmodernism. Despite this, postmodernism has been influencing Western culture and psychological practice for some time. This, too, is a very misunderstood theory. This web site was developed to provide a critical analysis of the positive and negative aspects of postmodernism and its influence on psychological practice.

Healing Spiritual Wounds (www.spirituallywounded.com)

This site was developed to provide information on spiritual wounds and how to work through the pain associated with them.

The Center for Growth (www.center4growth.com)

This web site is the private practice of Dr. Louis Hoffman. It provides information about the approach the approach to my approach to therapy and private practice.




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