About Dr. Hoffman

Louis Hoffman, PhD, is a widely recognized author, professor, scholar, therapist, and speaker.  

Dr. Hoffman is a professor at Saybrook Unversity in Oakland, California (for more information on his teaching, visit his Virtual Classroom). He is also a past president of the Society for Humanistic Psychology (Division 32 of the Society of Humanistic Psychology). An accomlished scholar, he serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Humanistic Psychology, The Humanistic Psychologist, Janus Head, and PsycCRITIQUES: APA Review of Books. Dr. Hoffman is a co-founder of the Zhi Mian International Institute of Existential-Humanistic Psychology (ZMIEHP). Through the ZMIEHP and the China Institute of Psychotherapy, Dr. Hoffman provides training in certificate programs on huamnistic and existential psychotherapy in China. 

An avid writer and speaker, Dr. Hoffman has 8 books, numerous journal articles and book chapters, and is a regular presenter at conferences and other events. A licensed psychologist, he often has been active in offering psychotherapy, assessments, and supervision throughout most of his career.  

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